Wednesday, December 26, 2012

7 Spectator Mound Renovation Update

The renovation project on 7 spectator mound directly behind the green was completed on December 18. New irrigation was installed, including 3 new valves to be used for the landscaping around the new spectator bathrooms that are being built nearby. Tifway (419) bermudagrass was sodded directly behind the green while Celebration bermudagrass was laid down on the back slope of the mound which has more shade issues. 
12/12/12 : Trenching for new irrigation pipe
12/13/12 : Electrical valves are installed for use around the new spectator bathroom
12/18/12 : The spec mound is sodded with 419 and Celebration bermudagrass
12/18/12 : The new look of 7 spectator mound
12/24/12 : Watering the sod with Toro 855 adjustable heads so they don't hit the green