Monday, November 5, 2012

When the Grass Slows, the Crew Keeps Going

As the month of November brings a slowing down of bermuda grass growth, it provides the opportunity for the staff to accomplish some other much needed tasks.  Irrigation heads installed in 2006 around fairways needed to be raised to match the height of the turf after years of sand topdressing.  In the photo below Luis, Alexander, and Olvin are perfecting this pair of heads at the beginning of 2 fairway.

This process requires great attention to detail as a slight misalignment can cause an undesired result.  The team must carefully excavate around the heads and swing arms, raise the head to perfectly match the turf, and back-fill and compact the soil as not to have the heads sink down in the coming months. 

For any extra material that is needed sand is used to help keep the area dry and firm.  For the duration of the winter 2 man teams will be working all the head clusters around the fairways to complete this task ahead of spring time in preparation for the PLAYERS Championship.