Friday, November 9, 2012

Multiguard Protect Trial

Since Nemacur is no longer available for use against nematodes, the TPC Sawgrass agronomy staff is looking into the best possible options available to combat these pests. Multiguard Protect is a contact nematicide with the active ingredient being Furfural. It must be watered in with 0.25" of irrigation after application to come in contact with the nematodes. We applied Multiguard Protect on October 10 at a rate of 8 gallons/acre to the professional area putting green.  Only half of the green was sprayed with the other half being a control plot. Prior to the application, nematodes samples were taken with Sting levels reaching 10 per 100cc of soil.  Threshhold levels for Sting are 9 per 100cc of soil.  Another sample was taken two weeks after the initial app and the Sting levels dropped to 5 per 100cc of soil. A second application of Multiguarrd Protect was sprayed on November 1 at a rate of 5.5 gallons/acre. Another nematode sample will be taken next week to monitor the progress of this nematicide.

Assitant In-training Kyle Worthy spraying the first application of Multiguard Protect
Only half of the green was sprayed so as to have a control plot