Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dye's Valley - Fairway Alteration

During the summer Dye's Valley experienced some upgrades and renovations.  These renovations included the regrading of #9 lake bank and the reshaping of a fairway bunker.  The long term goal of this renovation was to alter the fairway to bring the right hand fairway bunker into play and create more of a challenge for the competitors of the Web.Com Tour Championship.  This alteration creates a great risk reward scenario on the hole and will challenge golfers from each tee.  

Although the renovations happened during the summer the alteration to the fairway has just begun.  To avoid playability issues during this years Web.Com Tour event the fairway line remained the same.  This week the new line was finalized and mowed out.  Over the next few months this area will be nursed back to health after the extreme change in height; frequent topdressing with black sand and applications of fertilizer will return this area back to health in time for the spring and tournament preparation.