Monday, October 1, 2012

Communicating Staff assignments

At TPC Sawgrass communication is the most critical element of daily maintenance on both golf courses.  With large staff sizes, both the PLAYERS Stadium and Dye's Valley courses are looking for more efficient and effective methods to help the staff understand and fulfill tasks each day.  Below is a sample of the PLAYERS Stadium board from Monday morning.  Name plates are on the left side of the board with columns that include PPE (Personal Protective Equipment 1= eye 2= ear) with 1st and 2nd assignments.  Color coordination helps staff members understand the location, here the green assignments are for the PLAYERS Stadium and the blue is for Dyes Valley ( V - as a precursor); this is extremely important in October as PLAYERS Stadium staff members are sent over to aide the Valley prepare for the Winn Dixie Jacksonville Open coming up October 15-21.