Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vertical Mowing on the Stadium

     This morning, Assistants-in-Training Kyle Worthy and Molly Heath, "groomed" the greens on the Stadium course using a vertical mowing unit.  A vertical mowing unit, or a verticutter, is a mower with vertical blades that cut down into the turf canopy. Typically, these machines are used for  more aggressive purposes of dethatching.  However, due to our high volume of play we have to employ more gentle measures leading into the winter months.  Therefore our mowers were set to a height of 0.0 or flush.  This allows minimal disturbance to the surface, but does not dig down too deep. One of the biggest challenges in maintaining Ultra-Dwarf Bermudagrass greens is grain management.  Grooming is our current grain management technique.  Following the grooming, the greens were double mowed and topdressed.  

Assistant-in-Training, Kyle Worthy, verticutting 10 green.