Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prodiamine Application

This past Monday The Stadium Golf Course was closed for a pre-emergent herbicide application.  We applied prodiamine to all of our maintained turf on the golf course, including tees, fairways, approaches, rough, and spectator mounds.  The majority of the pre-emergent was applied in liquid form as Stonewall 65 WDG by our John Deere spray rigs.  Granular applications were made on areas of the course that we were unable to be reached by our spray rigs, such as green surrounds, hilly areas and in between trees.  The granular formulation was Prodiamine with a .43% active ingredient and a 0-0-8 carrier, applied at a rate of 1lb of active ingredient per acre.  We will perform a second application of Prodiamine in December at a rate of .5lb of active ingredient per acre to give us a total of 1.5 lbs of prodiamine per acre per year.    
Assistants-in-training Molly Heath and Andrew Collier walk spreading Prodiamine on green surrounds