Saturday, September 22, 2012

PLAYERS Stadium: Irrigation Main Line Issue

On Monday the PLAYERS Stadium course agronomy team began the process of uncovering a main line irrigation leak on number 4. The point where the line failed was a 6"x4"x6" tee that went down the left side of the entire hole and connecting to the Tour Academy teeing grounds. Over the years the Stadium course has had many failures of a certain brand of ductile iron fittings. Over time these fittings might corrode or rust causing the gasket to slip out.

Picture below is the failed 6"x4"x6" Tee

On Tuesday on the PLAYERS Stadium course agronomy team began fixing the main line but not with ductile iron fittings. We choose to use mechanical joints with Megalug fittings to insure proper sealant. These fittings are very precise and if the gasket is not seated right failure will be eminent. MacCurach Golf Course construction gave us some assistance with the mechanical joint installation. This is the second mechanical joint used on the 6" main line that irrigates number 4.   

Below is a picture of the tee being partially constructed outside of the hole

Megalug fittings are also used for sewer and city water systems