Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dye's Valley - Bunker Maintenance

Due to the unseasonalbly wet summer (46.5" June-August) the bunkers on the course have been repeatedly flooded and contaminated with silt.  After each rainfall the Staff removed all silt and contaminates from the bunkers before preparing the surfaces for play.  We identified 21 bunkers throughout the property that were holding water after a rain event.  It is imperative that these bunkers drain properly for the WEB.Com Event in October.  To correct the drainage problems, the drain lines were located in each bunker, all of the contaminated material was removed above the drainage pipe, finally new sand was added to the bunker and drainage line to ensure they would drain properly over the next year.

Above, the Staff is removing the silt layers out of the bunkers.  Clearing the silt is crucial to maintain the integrity of the bunkers drainage.  

 Above, Contaminated sand is being removed above the drainage pipe in the bunkers and replaced with new sand.  We have had success with this method.

 Above, The layering in the bunker forms after years of silt contamination preventing water reaching the drainage pipe.