Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dye's Valley - 27 Days and Counting

Dye's Valley will play host to the Web.Com Tour, Winn Dixie Jacksonville Open (WDJO), for the third consecutive year.  In preparation for the event we have scheduled closure days; September 17th and 25th and October 1st.  We will focus on multiple cultural practices to prepare all playing surfaces for the event.

Despite the wet summer the golf course has endured very well.  To get the course to playing conditions needed we will focus our attention on grain management and the consistency of greens. 

The greens have been routinely verti-cut during the summer months to maintain a desirable playing surfaces.  Yesterday, we lowered the height of cut and top dressed greens to improve playability.
 Our goal is not to brush sand off the green but to settle it below the canopy.  After the sand was brushed the greens were fertilized with a 0.5lbsN/1000ft and the watered.

The fairways and tees were circle cut at lower heights to scalp out any of the inconsistencies due to grain and mutations.  This is a time consuming process that involves multiple passes of tight circles up and down each fairway to cut the turf in different directions. 
We are very excited with the conditions of the course currently and look forward to hosting the WDJO October 15-21.