Monday, August 6, 2012

What's That?

  This is a picture of the 'spill way' that controls the water level at the most famous hole in golf, The PLAYERS Stadium 17th.  The wood boards are keeping the overflow water from the exterior canals from flowing into the lake through the connecting pipe that is running directly to the lake.  After 5 inches of rain on Sunday August 5th the exterior canal was 21 inches above standard level, if that water was to rush into 17 lake it would make the land bridge to the green unable to be walked.
  Thanks to Stadium Assistant superintendent Joey Flinchbaugh for installing the new boards to improve the stability of the structure and allowing for the control of the water.  Once the exterior canal returns to normal, the boards are pulled allowing the excess water from the interior lakes that built up from the rain to be released.  Once interior levels are at normal, the boards are returned and ready to keep unwanted water from overflowing the interior lakes during the next major rain event.
  During Tropical Storm Debby when Ponte Vedra Beach received 15 inches of rain in 24 hours, the exterior canal was above the spill way maximum causing the flooding depicted on this blog from June.