Friday, August 3, 2012

Stadium Nursery Green Sprigging

   After removing the off-type bermudagrasses from our greens last month, our nursery green was left with large portions of turf stripped from it.  Now that we have completed our contamination removal project we needed to help these areas on our nursery green recover as quickly as possible for future use.  We began by back-filling all of the stripped areas of turf with sand and leveling off.  We then aerified the portion of the green that had not been utilized in our project and drug all of the cores into our prepared site.  The plugs were then tamped and rolled to ensure an even surface during the grow-in process.  The remainder of the green was then treated as the rest of our aerified greens are, which includes being rolled, topdressed and broomed to work the sand into the soil profile.  

When sprigging any green it is important that the sprigs are never allowed to completely dry out before they become rooted in the soil.  For this purpose a program was set-up in the Site-pro irrigation computer that will run the irrigation heads on the green once an hour throughout the hottest and driest parts of the day.  This allows us to keep constant moisture on the sprigs to ensure the quickest and most effective grow-in.