Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dye's Valley - Bulk Head Project #7

  The lake bank on the right side of #7 fairway has received stabilization over the past two weeks. This bulkhead will prevent the lake bank from washing out and the eventual failure of the cart path system in this location.

This is the beginning stage of the bulkhead addition. High water pressure is used to mine holes in the bottom of the lake for the poles.

In this location a cantilevered bulkhead design is utilized because of the cart path system.  Since "dead men" are not used in this design, the poles are set 8 feet below the waters surface.

At this step the bulkhead is ready for the tongue and groove sheeting.

A corrosion resistant matting is applied to the inside of the bulk head acting as a barrier preventing further wash outs and soil erosion caused from rain and water run off.

 This will improve the structural integrity of the lake bank as well as providing a unique cosmetic appeal to the hole.

This is the finished product of the bulkhead on #7.