Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dye's Valley - Close Down Period - Day 3

For the next two weeks the Valley Course will be closed for aerification (see schedule posted on 7/17/12).  Along with aggressive aeration of the entire golf course we are taking advantage of this close down to complete some extensive and necessary lake bank restoration projects.  It is going to be a very busy couple of weeks but the end product will increase turfgrass health and the aesthetics of the golf course. 

As mentioned in the aeration schedule; over the past 2 days the course has been scalped down and top dressed in preparation for aerating.  Today the greens were aerated with 5/8' OD tines to a depth of 7".  This is the deepest tine to ever be pulled from the Valley greens and aims to break through the layers that have formed on the greens over the past 28 years. 

The Valley greens have multiple layers below the surface that limit turfgrass health and drainage.  Going to this depth with tines will hopefully break through all layers and we will see improved turfgrass health. 
 To make the progress move efficiently we are then using a core harvester to clean all greens surfaces. 
 The lake bank restoration projects are designed to limit the wash outs around the course and create more maintenance friendly lake banks.  #9 is having some of the most extensive work done to it; the entire right side that is lined with water is being reshaped, grass beds are being added in some locations, and the right hand bunker is being altered.  Above our Landscape Superintendent Todd Fonda, and Leslie Claytor, Director of Golf Course Design & Construction with the PGA Tour, are discussing final details with regards to grass bed locations. 
 The new grade is a dramatic change, the lumps seen above are the irrigation heads that mark where the original ground level was.  Although the change is dramatic we are very happy at how natural the changes look. 
On #7 a bulk head wall is being added to alleviate wash outs and preserve the cart path that ran along side the steep lake bank.