Friday, May 11, 2012

A Different Shade of Green

In an effort to accomplish true championship conditions for THE PLAYERS there are a number of factors that contribute to firm, fast and consistent green surfaces. For championships a lot of thought goes into keeping the tufgrass plant healthy while attaining predetermined goals.

Cultural practices entail periodic sand topdressing and light verticutting throughout the year. Height of cut is reduced close to tournament time and by design the greens receive less water and minimal nutrient levels.

This, in part, contributes to a dramatic change in color of the greens. It provides significant contrast to the surrounding turf that is maintained at a different height of cut and fertility regime. When you add double and quadruple mowings per day, growth regulators, and rolling of the greens (from 2-3 times per day) this can result in the bermudagrass taking on a different shade of green. No worries as the professional turf team is vigilant as to the health of each and every green.