Friday, March 2, 2012

Coloring THE PLAYERS: Landscape Enhancements

In preparation for the upcoming 2012 PLAYERS Championship there are numerous landscape enhancements underway in order to maximize the spectator experience and beautify the Stadium golf course for millions of viewers worldwide. One such project underway is the addition of ornamental grass beds along the spectator mounds adjacent to #18 fairway. The PGA Tour's Landscape Architect, Brad Nestor, designed these new beds in order to frame the fairway and provide a unique aesthetic experience for both the TOUR players and the spectators. The type of ornamental grass specified for this project is Paspalum quadrifolium, or Crown Grass. The accompanying photo depicts members of our Landscape Operations team treating a non-selective herbicide to all of the landscape beds to insure we minimize any bermudagrass re-establishment. Prior to this herbicide application the Golf Course Agronomic team stripped the existing 419 Bermuda sod in order to utilize it on Dye's Valley Course, which is located adjacent to THE PLAYERS Stadium Course and is home to the Nationwide Tour's Winn Dixie Jacksonville Open.