Friday, January 27, 2012

THE PLAYERS Stadium Greens Verticutting

With temperatures rising to the low 80's in the previous week, turfgrass growth and green-up has increased slightly with the Miniverde bermudagrass greens. Due to the increased growth and density, greens on THE PLAYERS Stadium were verti-cut on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. A verti-cutting unit contains a special type of reel that cuts vertically into the turf. Because it is only January, our verticutting height of cut is currently set at 0.0" or flush, while greens are being mown at 0.130." The agronomic benefits of verti-cutting include improved upright growth (reducing grain), slight thinning of the canopy, and a more consistent quality of cut. Additionally, by verti-cutting the greens before walkmowing, we are able stimulate new growth from the crown of the plant, encouraging vertical movement that enables higher photosynthesis rates and a better penetration of water, fertilizer, and sand topdressing. Ultradwarf bermudagrasses require frequent verti-cutting to provide customers with a firm and fast playing surface.