Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Player's Stadium Course Chemical Treatment

Spot spray treatment began this week on the Player's Stadium Course for Poa annua control. Poa annua, commonly known as annual bluegrass, is a winter annual that is one of the most common and problematic grassy weeds in the turf industry. Poa annua is successful because of its large abundance of seed-heads and ability to survive low mowing heights, unlike most weeds. Not only is Poa annua aesthetically unappealing, it also affects the playing surface for golfers. Chemical treatment was applied with a mix of Rimsulfuron and Metsulfuron. Both of these herbicides are members of the sulfonyl-urea family. Sulfonyl-urea's major mode of action is to inhibit amino acid bio-synthesis in the plant, which shuts down all physiological functions necessary to survive.