Monday, January 23, 2012

Irrigation Valve Audit on Dye's Valley

For the last few weeks on Dye's Valley we have put our focus on locating and checking main line shutoff valves and greens valves. The main line shutoff valve serves as a means of isolating an entire hole if an irrigation leak or break occurs in the field. Exercising these regularly will allow the valves to open with ease. In some cases we came to a few valves that had to be tightened down with two people. This is not an ideal situation if it occurs during a PGA Tour Event. Having done an entire audit on the main line valve shutoff we found that two valves could not be shut off by one person. To correct this issue, we will be replacing these valves.

The greens valves purpose is to allow us to shut off water flow to the greens loop. Having the greens loop valved down stops water flow to only the green allowing irrigation practices to continue on the hole. During the audit of the greens valves we found that many were fully operational, although several were non-functional. We will be repairing all of these in house, which we started a few weeks ago by repairing number 12.