Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heater Installation for Greens - Unique Situations

During the instillation of number 11 heater we found that the most direct and cost effective route to run the power wires was under the lake surrounding 11 green. In order to accomplish this we had to bring an outside company in who specializes in underground boring.
Using the JT 2020 Ditch Witch, the company was able to bore underneath the lake and run a 2" conduit and power wires back to the power source. This machine uses a combination of drilling, a pressurized water system, and manual control capabilities. As the drill bit spins, pressurized water and a specialized quick setting gel substance create a cavity for the conduit to pass through. The drill bit also contains a sensor that allows the operator to have control of both the depth and direction. The sensor sends and receives signals that the operator uses to control the machine.
We found that a safe distance below ground for the bore to pass would be 24 feet. At this depth we figured that we would be safely below the lake and clear of all other irrigation pipes and wires. In order to accomplish this they set the machine at a 24% decline, reaching our desired depth over 100 feet. This method is quick, efficient and leaves minimal disruption to the surface. The machine drilled for 1 hour, covering a total distance of 500 ft before reaching its destination.