Monday, November 7, 2011

Greens Ventilation

Last week we began a process of ventilating and topdressing the Stadium Golf Course greens with black sand in preparation for the winter months. This is a process that we will continue to perform on a weekly/biweekly basis depending on weather conditions.

Process: We begin our process by topdressing every green with a thin layer of black sand. Next we ventilate each green with between .2” and .4” solid tines. Depending on the size tines that we use, we may or may not roll each green behind the ventilation.

Purpose: The purpose of topdressing the greens with black sand is to capture as much heat in the soil profile as possible and keep the plant growing. We also gain added protection from wear as well as increased healing of abrasions such as ball marks on the greens. Ventilation of the greens serves many purposes and has many advantages to us. One major advantage of ventilating the greens is reducing compaction, which allows for better air movement through the soil profile.