Thursday, September 15, 2011

TPC Boston: The Deutsche Bank Championship

For the second year in a row TPC Sawgrass sent some key workers to TPC Boston to help with their tournament preparation. This year our guys were fortunate enough to to support the Boston team for 2 weeks. The two weeks spent up there brought many great experiences including hurricane preparation and clean up, tournament preparation and bentgrass maintenance.

The first few days were spent detailing the golf course. One detail that the Boston team did during final preparation was the plugging out of fairway divots. Since their course is open for play until the Friday before the event it was necessary to replace divots instead of letting them grow back in.

Here is Kyle Worthy of The PLAYERS Stadium Course harvesting good plugs with a Hi-O Cup Cutter. The plugs were harvested at the nursery before being transplanted to the course.

The cup cutters had been modified to a depth of 3 inches to maximize consistency of plugs.

Arriving in Boston the forecast was not looking good; hurricane Irene was approaching fast with the course sitting in the middle of the 'cone of uncertainty'. Due to modern day weather tracking the Agronomy staff at Boston had lots of time to prepare for the storm. The biggest concern was power outages, so prior the storm lots of mobile generators were brought in and staged. All equipment was fueled prior the storm, and all mowers and reels were sharpened.

On the course all temporary structures were tied down and all course amendments were brought in to the work shop.

When the storm hit it did not bring as much rain as expected; 2.5". The winds were sustained at 50-60mph for about 6 hours. Across the property over 50 trees had fallen. 25 needed immediate attention because paths were blocked.

Luckily the trees caused no major damage to any tournament structure. Here a tree fell in front of a food stand.

The power was out for nearly 3 days but in that time the course was cleaned up and put back together. The Agronomy team did an amazing job of cleaning and made it seem as if there was no disturbance at all.

After the storm it was back to tournament set up. Our guys were fortunate enough to be able to experience a wide range of tasks up there.

TPC Bostons' bunkers are their trademark, and although they looked rugged and unmaintained a lot of time was put into them before play.

Bunkers were raked in the morning and at night.

Kyle Worthy's tournament assignment in the morning was to mow greens. Here he is laying down some lasers on their bentgrass greens.

It was a great experience and an unforgettable two weeks in Boston. Lots of hours and hard work had a huge pay off and the experience was made better by the exceptional team in place at TPC Boston. A big thanks for their incredible hospitality and congratulations on an amazing event.

Lucas Andrews and Kyle Worthy of the PLAYERS Stadium giving a thumbs up to their new friends in Boston.