Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene

The TPC Sawgrass Agronomy Department has begun preparations for Hurricane Irene. It appears that the First Coast may experience hurricane conditions Friday and Saturday of this week. We will not know the exact direction or severity of the storm in relation to TPC Sawgrass until Tuesday or Wednesday.
Our preparation list includes:

  • Course Operations Objectives:

    • Filling Fuel Storage Tanks

    • Filling all Equipment with Fuel

    • Checking Chainsaws and Chains

    • Lowering the interior lakes of the property in prepartion for excessive rain water

    • Removing Flags and Sticks

    • Removing on course amenities

    • Backing up files on our irrigation computer to a flash drive

    • Checking chemical and fertilizer storage to ensure products are kept dry

    • Prepping sand bags for low lying areas of our building that may flood

    • Removing any trees that appear damaged prior to the storm

    • Hurricane trim all Palm trees throughout the summer to reduce storm debris

  • Human Resource and Office Objectives:

    • Updating Staff Contact Information

    • Handing out important phone numbers to staff members

    • Developing a "phone tree" to increase ease and speed of information dispersement

    • Backing up files on computers to flash drives

    • Placing computers on desks and covering them with plastic

    • Checking with staff to ensure their personal needs for storm preparation are met

We hope the current path will change. If not, we are prepared to protect the property during the storm and have the resources to open the golf courses back up for play as soon as possible.