Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weed Control

Weeds have no chance on the Stadium course as our staff implements the 2011 “No weed left behind program”. Summer weeds have mounted an impressive attack on the course after the PLAYERS tournament. However, dedicated staff members have been able to knock back growth of the unwanted plants.

The definition of a weed is a plant out of place. We have several different types of plants growing in our maintained bermudagrass golf course. Some of these include sedge, goosegrass, green kyllinga, doveweed, spurge, and crabgrass among others.

Goosegrass on the driving range tee

Sedge in the rough near 2 green

We have initiated a pre and post emergence rotation schedule to aid in the control of weeds. Every spring and fall we apply Ronstar and Barricade to prevent the germination of weeds. Once weeds are past the two leaf stage, we actively spot spray. The two main weeds we are trying to control are sedge and goosegrass. We will spray Revolver herbicide on the goosegrass and either Sedgehammer or Monument on sedge.

Above: 24 gallon tank used for spot spraying weeds

Below: 200 gallon rigs used for spraying