Friday, July 22, 2011

Improving Playability of Approaches

This week on the Stadium course we are making minor additions to a few of our approaches. Our goal is to strategically extend these areas to provide a more playable and fair lie for the golfer.

The illustration above demonstrates three possible positions of a golf ball in the right-side approach of number 14. As a ball enters the approach, it crosses position #1 (X) and continues to position #2 (Y). Under prior conditions, the golf ball would come to rest at the edge of the approach adjacent to the rough, creating a demanding golf shot.

We have extended the approach and alleiviated the problem. Now a golf ball will pass through position #2 (Y) and continue to position #3 (Z), just before returning to position #2 (Y). Now the golfer has a more pleasant lie and will be able to have more control of the golf ball on his/her next shot.