Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2012 Aerification Preparation

The Stadium Agronomy staff are taking the proactive measures to see that 2012 is an even bigger success then 2011. In preparation for next year we started a trial on one of the practice greens to see how long the healing time would be for an extremely aggressive aeration that would include verticutting, scalping, aerating, topdressing regime spread over three weeks. With this kind of aggressive program we are hoping to dramatically improve the Stadium playing surfaces by reducing the thatch/Matt layer and improving grain control.

July 1st

  • Verti-Cut at -1/4" below in four directions, the clean up passes were done with a triplex groomer set flush to the surface.

  • Green was blown clean and mowed with a fixed head mower at .120 (0.020 below regular HOC to scalp) in 3 direction until all debris was collected.

  • Topdressed with with a Pro-Gator and Baby Dakota in first gear, belt speed 5, spinners 100% and the door all the way open.

  • Aerified with John Deere Walk Aerator, 3/4' tines in gear 2.

  • The cores were then dragged in, blown clean and then watered heavily.

After the verti-cutting and grooming the green was scalped down with a walk unit at .120.

This is so aggressive that in places there is little green left.

July 2nd

  • Rolled with Salco Roller 2 directions.

  • Fertilized with 10-10-10 at 0.5lb N/1000ft2.

  • Watered heavily and routinely.

The plant is naturally in shock and will take some time to heal, doing this now will give us an idea whether we can do this to the Stadium greens in next years allotted time frame.

July 3rd-4th

  • Rolled with Salsco Roller 2 directions.

  • Watered heavily and routinely.

July 5th

  • Sprayed with Pesticide Mix; Chlorothalonil 0.2lb/1000ft2, Mefanoxam 0.1 gal/1000ft2, Fludioxonil 0.13lb/1000ft2, Carbaryl 0.12gal/1000ft2. Also in the mix was the weekly dose of fertilizer and Primo.

  • Walk Topdressed with Meter-Matic, setting 2.

  • Watered heavily and routinely.

With each day more green can be seen.

We will continue to nurse the plant back to health and will aerate 2 more times before the 3 weeks is up.