Sunday, July 31, 2011

2012 Aerification Preparation (continued)

Purpose: The USGA suggests that 20 percent of the organic matter in a green be displaced per year. This can be achieved through the process of repeated topdressing and aerification throughout the growing season of a green. Calculations can be made based on the size of the tines used, the speed/hole spacing, and the depth setting of the aerifier to determine the amount of organic matter removed during each aerification.

Recap: On July 1st one of the stadium practice greens underwent a trial aerification in preparation for next year. The processes performed on the green were verticutting in four different directions, mowing/scalping in three different directions, and topdressing and aerifying with 3/4" tines on a John Deere aerifier.

July 7th: We aerified the green for a second time with 1/2" tines on a Toro Procore aerifier. The green was not topdressed before this aerification.

July 14th: The green was topdressed and aerified for a third time with 1/2" tines on the Toro Procore aerifier. Only half of the green was aerified this time so that we could see the difference in healing time and overall quality of the green between being aerified two and three times.

Below are pictures of the practice green that were taken on July 21st, one week following the third aerification.

Three aerifications (left) Two aerifications (right)

Best of two aerifications

Worst of two aerifications

Best of three aerifications

Worst of three aerifications