Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stadium Contamination Project

The stadium course has begun its fairway contamination project on holes 3, 5, and 9 this week. Our goal is to eliminate all contamination in our 419 bermudagrass fairways. Over time, common bermudagrass will creep into these areas and cause an issue with playability and aesthetics. Common Bermudagrass does not like to be mowed as low as 419 causing the canopy to become less dense. This can be detrimental to play due to the inconsistency. Along with sparse turf, the common bermudagrass is a lighter color green than 419. These areas are very noticeable and can take away from the beauty of the entire hole.
Our contamination project entails 3 processes. First, we'll spray area out with round up. We then will tear up the fairway, completely removing all plant material. Finally, we will lay new sod and grow it in.

We sprayed 3 approach and 5 and 9 fairways with a mixture containing round up. These areas responded quickly and are dying out fast. This will hardly affect play, but help greatly in our efforts to remove all contamination from our fairways.