Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stadium Open for Business

The Agronomy Staff recently finished a very busy 12 day closure period on The PLAYERS Stadium. The weather worked about perfect; no rain during construction and rain once everything was completed. The course has responded very well to all the agronomic practices, and the greens were even given another verti-cut before opening.

All the projects were completed on schedule. The fairway sod has all rooted in very well and has been mowed, topdressed and fertilized.

Number 9 during sodding.

Number 9 upon completion.

Number 5 after being mowed, topdressed and fertilized.

The greens grading project proved to be a great success. The new grades open the greens up to more pinable areas.

Number 4 upon completion with the surrounds sodded. The greens sod was allowed 2 days before rolling.

Number 17 had the largest area of disruption.

Extra care and attention was given to the green to ensure that the most famous hole in golf was put back together perfectly.

Every seem was knitted together and topdressed to ensure an invisible transition.

The finished product is quite remarkable.

Number 13 had a large area also.

The greens being altered were not aerified at the same time of the others.

Therefore; the turf that was unaffected by the project had to be aerated while the sod was being laid.

Number 18

Number 16 only had a small portion of the green disrupted, the majority of the work was in the surrounds and also returning the green to its original shape and size.

To do this more of the Mini-Verde cultivar had to be added to edge of the green.

This was a very long and hot 12 days of work for the team, but the results speak for themselves and each team member can be proud of the work that went into the project completion.