Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dye's Valley Irrigation System

Last week on Dye's Valley our pressure maintenance (pm) pump faulted. The alarm on the flowtronex system went off not allowing us to operate with this pump until it was repaired. A large hole in the intake pipe caused the pm pump to fault. Not being able to use the pm pump does not allow all three of the pumps to run efficiently. Steve Wimmer with WescoTurf repaired the pump with the assistance of the Assistant Superintendents .

The first step in repairing the pump was to shut down all pumps. Next all the bolts and wires had to be disconnected from the pump. Using a strap and some man power we were able to remove the pump out of the hole and up and out of the pumphouse.

While reviewing the intake pipe there were several areas that had corroded on the galvanized pipe. Disconnecting the intake pipe was a bit challenging due to the holes in the pipe were right on the threaded area of the pipe. The last step was tightening the new intake pipe, and tightening the entire pm pump to perfection before carrying the newly assembled pump into the pumphouse.

Connecting Strap to Pull Pressure Maintenance Pump Out of Pumphouse

Hole Where PM Pump Came Out

PM Pump Fully Removed From Pumphouse

Hole in Galvanized Pipe

Pump that Connects to Galvanized Pipe

Steve Wimmer( WESTCO) and a TPC Employee Giving the Pipe the Final Touches

Along with the repair of the PM pump last week on Dye's Valley, we also installed a new antenna and repeater for irrigation communication. Communication from the base station to satellites in the field has been an issue on several holes that are located further from the Maintenance Facility. Below is a list indicating the distance from the shop to the box.

Distance From Shop to Box:

141- Hole# 14 . 97 Miles

151- Hole #15 1.25 Miles

161- Hole #16 1.21 Miles

172- Hole #17 1.03 Miles

Installing a new antenna closer to these satellite boxes has improved our communication a great deal. This will allow for a better communication with the radios and the irrigation boxes to maximize our irrigation system.