Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DryJect Demonstration

On Monday, June 20th a demonstration was given by representatives from DryJect Florida at the Tour Player practice greens. Mark Patterson, owner and operator of DryJect’s Florida division, showcased an alternative method to aeration that utilizes highly pressurized water to create fissures in the root zone. While the fissures are being created, the machine’s patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes with amendment (sand). DryJect is thus able to create an aerated root zone without the time consuming process of traditional aeration methods (remove plugs, dispose of plugs, fill with sand, and top-dress). The adoption of this new process/technology is being considered by TPC Sawgrass and may become a cultural practice in the near future. If the process is adopted, the following are potential benefits: Aerate, amend and top-dress in one pass; allow for deeper root penetration; maintain organic material that is rich in micronutrients; and the ability to apply up to 250% more material than traditional top-dress applications.