Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 5

We got a glimpse of things to come today; number four was completed with sod. Although there is still the surrounding turf to lay, the playing surface is down and ready to heal in. Knitting and top dressing the edges is key to making this a seamless transition.

The view of the green from the spectator mound.

#17 is receiving a lot of treatment and close to 40% of the playing surface will be disturbed.

#16 is having a slight portion of the green and the collar around the approach.

To adjust to the new slope transition on #18, part of the approach also has to be altered.

#13 is having a small strip of the green adjusted as well as the collar around the bulkhead.

As for the rest of the course, we are making excellent progress. The greens and everywhere else are healing back in very well. It will be fertilized this weekend to really get everything popping!