Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4 - All Coming Together

Day four of closure and we have not eased up yet! The smoke of days past has lifted and revealed all of the work that has been accomplished. Golf course aeration is now completed. We are just growing in the remains, and the sod on the greens and fairways has started going down.

Fairway Reno

With the shaping completed, the sod started to be rolled out on number 5 fairway.

Big roll sod makes easy work of the job and watering it immediately afterward is crucial.

Greens Grade Reno

On number 4, some final shaping was done before Mr. Dye came to have a look.

Satisfied with what he found, Mr. Dye signed off on this green and the Agronomy staff took over to re-lay the sod that was removed.

Meticulous and precise work is needed when re-laying sod on a green; smoothness, grain orientation, and the knitting of the edges are high priorities.

Slow but precise progress will lead to outstanding results.

Yesterday, sod on 17 started being removed and today it continued. Material was brought in to be shaped in preparation for sod tomorrow.


The final step of the aeration progress was to verti-cut the fairways and their pulled cores. After this, the fairways were dragged and blown clean and are now healing.