Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 3 - A Legend Visits Sawgrass

Spirits were not hindered despite the growing amounts of smoke blowing in from surrounding bush fires. The team carried on with aeration clean up on greens, tees, and approaches, and began aerating the fairways.


The greens are cleaning up nicely and are scheduled for fertilization tomorrow.

2 tractor drawn aerators started punching the fairways.

The fairway cores were dragged, but were left for tomorrow when the verti-cutter will slice them up more.

Fairway Reno

Number 5 fairway is all cleaned up, and sand was added and shaped in preparation for sod.

Greens Grade Restoration


More material was added to the stripped area. To avoid any layering, the new mix was roto-tilled vigorously to ensure the growing medium is consistant.

After being mixed together the shaper began working the material.

As well as the front pin location being softened, so is the edge of the right hand bulkhead to make the area fairer to golfers.


#18 is having the front left hand side re-shaped for another pin placement. (Look at all the smoke!)

Once ths sod was stripped and transported, material was brought in.

After being moved around and plate tamped, a rough shape was created.


#17 is receiving the most work to maximize the playing surface and restore it to its original shape. Due to the green being an island, extra care was taken and the painstaking work of transplanting the sod to a temporary location began.

The smoke in the air cleared by the afternoon as the slow and careful work continued.

In the late afternoon, the team was graced with the presence of legendary golf course architect Pete Dye.

Mr. Dye still takes a very hands on and personal approach with all his projects. Here he and the Stadium Superintendent are examining the organic material on 17 green.

The Stadium Superintendent, The Director of Agronomy, and Mr. Dye are deep in conversation while the shaper examines the next area of work.