Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2 - Setting Up for Success

Another excitingly productive day at Sawgrass continuing the projects started and starting later phases! We completed our work without interruption from the weather, although the temperatures were excessive and the winds blew in smoke from local bush fires. We powered on regardless setting ourselves up for the rest of the weeks activities.


With the greens all being completed yesterday we focused on the tees, approaches and surrounds and the fairway heads and drains. When the sand on the greens had dried we brushed it around to even out any heavier areas.

Topdressing on tees prior to aeration.

The tees were aerated with our walk behind aerators.

This is after the tee cores have been dragged and blown.

On the greens today we brushed the sand around and then rolled the surface. This brush give a very even spread of sand across the whole green.

This is after the brush and roll and a heavy watering.

Here is proof of the sand working its way into the holes we created.

Later this week we plan on Verti-Cutting the fairways and their cores. In preparation for this we topdressed all the fairways and will begin aerating tomorrow.

We use tractor drawn aerators for the fairways, but to maximize the area of disruption we use the walk aerators go around any fairway heads and drains so that the tractors do not have to get close.

Greens Grade Restoration

After all the surveying and flagging of locations yesterday, Pete Dye and his design group finalized where the greens were going to altered.

With all the calculations and decisions made the sod was cut and removed from the greens.

To ensure the turf was not torn in removal extremely sharp machetes were used to slice up the turf in to measured squares.

The sod squares were then removed and transported to another location to be watered and nutrured.

To ensure that every piece of turf returns to its original location every piece was labelled with a co-ordinate that will be used when replacing.

The soil below the cut sod was then tilled to allow the shapers to move it.

Once the shapers for Dye's Design group had moved the material into a rough shape a plate tamp was used.

Here is the rough shape of how the green will look when completed. With work still to happen to the bulk head the shaping will be left in this rough state and polished off when everything else is complete.