Monday, April 18, 2011

Close Day

Today brought a very exciting time in our preparation for the 2011 Players Championship. We closed the Player's Stadium Course to regular play leading into the 3 weeks prior to tournament.

We took this opportunity to begin many detailed projects to help make our golf course shine. Activities included our annual divot repair, circle brooming greens, circle mowing greens, cup plug repair, and heavy topdressing.

The divot party started off with a bang. Excitement rose high as dedicated staff along with the help of our TPC Caddies
set out to fill every divot on the course with a mixture of black and green sand. This provides the divot a growing medium to fully heal itself. This should make the fairways and tees pop during tournament.

Our greens got a little extra love with a clockwise circular broom and counter-clockwise mow. The brooming action stands the grass up and allows the mower coming behind to effectively reduce leaf volume.

Without play, we were able to focus on every plug left by
the cup cutters. Two staff members came behind the mower to raise/lower each plug as needed along with topdressing the area around the plug.

Finally, we heavily topdressed each green. By going at a higher rate with walk spreaders, we are able to fill ball marks and any other imperfections on the green. This greatly improves the smoothness of the roll.

These 21 days out from tournament will seem to fly by as we continue to work to perfect the golf course. It's starting to shape up to be a great Player's Championship already!