Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fertilizer Application

The Stadium Course put out its first wall to wall fertilizer application this week. We used 17-0-17 fertilizer at a rate of one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 feet squared. 17-0-17 is a great fertilizer because it has a good blend of fast release and slow release nitrogen. Nitrogen is the key element in plants which allows them to grow. With the cool temperatures of winter gone, we are looking to wake the plant up and give it a kick start going into spring. Fast release and slow release are ways to describe how the nitrogen is taken into the plant. Fast release means that the plant will receive nitrogen immediately, causing the grass to shoot up. Slow release refers to nitrogen that stays in the soil profile for an extended period of time which allows the grass to periodically take it up.

We applied 17-0-17 over the entire course covering our tees, fairways, and rough. Due to the larger particle size we did not apply the product on our greens. Our interns and a few dedicated staff stayed after hours to spread using walk spreaders and a tractor spreader. This process took two days due to the large area we had to cover.

We are expecting immediate results from this application so look out for the green grass!