Thursday, February 10, 2011

Utilization of Turning Boards

Areas that surround the green can be quite troublesome because of the amount of traffic and wear they receive. We strive to reduce the amount of wear that we put on these areas as much as possible. As demonstrated in the clip above, we implement the use of turning boards as a daily practice when walk mowing greens and approach areas. We have found that the use of turning boards yields a noticeably healthier turf as opposed to not using them.

The turning boards we use are made of high density polyethylene. Although they are commercially manufactured, we decided it would be more cost efficient to construct them ourselves. We made them eight feet in length and two feet wide. There are a total of four transport handles on each board. One of our key goals in making the turning boards was for each of our staff members to be able to use them with ease.

As illustrated in the image to the right, we designed the turning boards to specific modifications so that we can transport them using our John Deere Gators. When a staff member arrives at a putting green, he/she simply lifts the boards off of the hooks and places them in the desired locations.

We are completely satisfied with the results we have seen so far by using the turning boards. They generate an all around greater mowing experience.