Friday, February 11, 2011

Topdressing Fairways and Tees

This week at TPC Sawgrass, all of the fairways and tees on the Stadium course were top-dressed. We top-dress our fairways and tees for numerous reasons. Top-dressing lowers disease severity by controlling thatch accumulations in the soil profile, improves nutrient and water usage, and reduces compaction. Another impact of top-dressing pertains to playability standards; top-dressing creates a smoother playing surface, resulting in a better experience for each golfer at TPC Sawgrass.

As shown in the video clip above, we use a large top-dressing machine to evenly spread the sand. Once the sand has been spread, we let it set until it is dried. Next, we use an A-Frame brooming attachment to work the sand into the canopy of the turf. The last step in our top-dressing process is to irrigate the turf to move the sand particles farther into the canopy of the turf. If ideal weather conditions persist, all teeing surfaces and fairways can be top-dressed in two days.

We are very pleased with the top-dressing process and results we have seen so far. This process enables us to disrupt play in the smallest portions possible, while still completing our task.