Monday, February 7, 2011

Stadium Approaches and Surrounds

Why they look so good!!!!

We are in the middle of winter; December was one of the harshest ever recorded in Florida and January was not much better. Despite the weather this winter the approaches and surrounds are thriving. How are we able to get these results in the middle of winter??

Dormant vs. Growing Grass

Our secret to producing these remarkable results is the simple addition of black sand and a Quali-Pro product; Foursome.

A very vivid line can be seen where our treatments begin and end, from a distance this could almost be mistaken for overseeding

The Foursome is a tracker that is added to chemicals to allow us to see where we have sprayed, the uniqueness of this product however is the way it enhances the natural pigment of the plant. Unlike other trackers used in applying chemicals Foursome compliments the natural shades of the plant leaves and does not wash away quickly, and with multiple applications a strong base color can be established.

Our other secret ingredient that has aided not only in the improved color of the turf but also in the growth of turf is black sand. We lightly top dressed the approaches and surrounds with USGA spec. black top dressing sand to cover the crown of the plant. By doing this we blanketed the growing point of the leaves the same as if we used regular white sand, but the benefit of using black sand is its ability to accentuate the radiation from the sun. Anything colored black is able to absorb heat rather than reflect it and the sand we use does the same therefore keeping the crown warmer allowing the plant remain actively growing.

This approach has been treated with purely black sand and the results speak for themselves.