Friday, February 18, 2011

Drainage on 16-17 Player Walkway

The player walkway in between 16 and 17 has always been a water logged area. The spectator mound behind acts like a sponge and any draining water gets caught up on the flat area that we maintain as a walkway. Along with players and golfers walking this stretch, our machinery is also required to use it and when it is wet we cause damage.

Over the next week we will be installing much needed drainage lines that will catch and divert all water from the spectator mound into the 17th pond. We have already completed one of the lines and will finish the other two this coming week.

These pictures show from start to finish of the first line. From start to finish of the project cleanliness is imperative. We try to save as much of the sod as possible to make the healing process smoother.

All the soil material was removed and replaced with sand, a double trench was dug in the middle so even more sand could be added to improve drainage. Before laying the 4 inch perforated pipe, with particle protective sock, a thin layer of sand bedded the trench.

Once all the pipe and fittings were installed great attention was paid to compacting the sand to ensure that no surface disruption will occur over time.
The finished product is shown here, our cleanliness throughout the project is justified here, as it is very hard to tell that we were even there. The other two drainage lines along the walkway will be of the same standard.