Monday, February 7, 2011

Canopy Temperature Experiment

In this experiment, we will test effects of different inputs on canopy temperatures, which is a vital component to foliage growth. We will divide the shop green into 8 plots. As shown in the illustration to the right, we will use Foursome (a pigment enhancer), white topdressing sand (traditional method used for topdressing), black topdressing sand (new method used for topdressing), and tarps. Each of these methods has its own benefits. Foursome seems to be a great product that we have utilized on our greens in combination with ordinary white topdressing sand. We hypothesize that the combination of Foursome and black topdressing sand will increase the canopy temperature and yield a higher plant growth rate. We decided to use a tarp on one section of the green at all times when temperatures fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit simply as a comparison to the control sections, which will not receive anything. We are very excited about the experiment and hope the results support our hypothesis and provide a healthier playing surface for our golfers.