Thursday, February 3, 2011

Agronomic Update

To bring back the classic Sawgrass look, we will be adding Cordgrass to various lake banks around the course. The designated areas are as follows: the lake bank to the left of 5 fairway, the right side of 9 white tee, and around 16 green tee. Not only will this process add to the aesthetics of the course, it will also provide easier maintenance with less labor.
#9 Before/After

This month is also when tent assembly for tournament will begin; creating the need for adjustments to a few areas of our existing cart paths. The two main areas of concern are the spectator mounds between 9 and 18 as well as the cart path along the left side of 9. The existing cart paths are eight feet wide while the new cart paths will be 12 feet wide to aid in the accessibility of heavy equipment during the tent process.

Current path at #9/ New path location at #9

We have continued collecting data from our heating systems installed in select greens. We are very excited about the results that we are seeing and we are eager to learn what benefits we will observe from the heater installations in the future.