Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tree Planting Frenzy
Our landscape nursery has stored hundreds of trees for many years. Each year we gain about 60 trees during THE PLAYERS but not all of them end up getting planted. They’ve gotten so built up in the nursery that we decided to get them all out of there and onto the Stadium course. This would also clear a lot of space in our nursery to space out and grow ornamentals we use on the course.
We knew there were a lot of trees but there ended up being 225 total! We were able to get them all planted in about a month. We planted 70 Live Oaks, 80 Pines, 10 ‘Little Gem’ Magnolias, 55 Bottlebrush and 10 ‘East Palatka’ Hollies. They were all 15-20 gallon container sizes. The picture above shows the nursery filled with trees before the planting frenzy began. As the before and after pictures below show, our goal was to plant them in areas for screening as well as for aesthetic appeal.
In addition to flooding the rootballs for the next few months as we hand water we also installed a water bag to help with the irrigation needs of the tree. The bags slowly drip 20 gallons of water onto the rootball which ensures the the tree gets a steady supply of water and not a lot of runoff.