Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Overseeding TPC Sawgrass

With the cooler temperatures and shorter day lengths Bermudagrass growth is greatly reduced. Also, with the amount of play received on a limited area (par three tee’s, practice area, etc.) without recovery potential is why we overseed.

TPC Sawgrass overseeds with a 3-way blend of ryegrass at a rate of 12#/1000ft2. More importantly than color, ryegrass allows for recovery/re-seed applications throughout the winter months while the bermudagrass is in and out of dormancy. Overseed provides a more uniform playing surfaces on these specified areas.

You will notice on THE PLAYERS Stadium that a partial overseed of the Par 3 Tees was completed. This is due to the Firm and Dry bermudagrass expectations of THE PLAYERS in May of each year. Also, practicing from the artificial turf from time to time at the practice facility allows for recovery/re-seed applications.

Overseed Process:

- We scalped all of the overseeded areas at .250” to open up the bermudagrass canopy for seed to soil contact.
- Then we filled all of the divots to ensure a level playing surface for the seed to germinate.
- We then seeded all of the appropriate areas on the property at the above rate.
- Following the seeding comes the additional watering cycles to keep the seed bed moist. It is normal to see Irrigation running 3-4 times daily in addition to the nightly watering schedule.
- Finally, a pre-emergent application will be made around the overseeded areas to reduce tracking of the seed on and off during play.

Once the seedlings are mature enough we will begin mowing the ryegrass to tee height.

We look forward to you joining us at TPC Sawgrass for your next round of golf!