Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Practice Short Game Bunker Renovation

Many of you have seen the construction taking place on the Practice Short Game area. The bunkerfaces are being converted to Celebration Bermudagrass. Practice Green bunkerfaces are probably one of the most labor intensive aspects to any golf course, especially a facility like Sawgrass that, on average, plays significantly more rounds of golf than any other golf course.

Aside from the higher number of rounds, Sawgrass also has many guest, golf teams, and Tour Academy lessons that use these bunkers. The adds up to quite a bit of sand of the faces of these bunkers. The sand alone restricts growth of the bermuda. Add foot traffic and we have a deadly combination for turf.

With the large success that we have had with Celebration Bermudagrass, we decided to convert these bunkerface from 419 to celebration. From what we have seen, Celebration is a much more vigorous, wear tolerant turf. Celebration should give us a good shot at keeping this bunkerfaces growing throughout the year.