Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Viewing Area on #18 Green!

Many of you have probably seen the large amount of dirt work taking place behind the 18th green. With the success of the spectator mound work behind #2 green, the PGA Tour decided it would like to incorporate that look behind #18.

Since the renovation, the Tour has attempted to address the heat issue for the May tournament date. Bleachers that offered cool misting fans were installed in the heavy viewing area of the 17th green. Their plan was to install these fans behind the 18th green for the 2010 PLAYERS. With the fans installed on the bleachers, the bleachers blocked the camera view of the clubhouse from the 18th fairway. The bleachers went up and came down two or three times without success. The solution wasn't found for the 2010 PLAYERS, and the regular, hot bleachers remained.

The addition of the new spectator area will allow the audience to view the 18th green from a natural, grassed mound which should be significantly cooler than the wood and metal bleachers that have been there for the past tournaments. It will also aid aesthetic value to one of the best finishing holes in all of golf!