Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Valley Fairways

The Fairways on the Dye’s Valley have recovered nicely from aerification. There are more practices that will be completed through out the next few weeks. These practices will help us prepare for the October 2010 Winn-Dixie Nationwide Event.

Practice 1: Drainage Trench Leveling

Drainage trench leveling in the fairways will require two different applications. First, isolated top-dressing focusing specifically on the trenched area itself. This sand will be applied, leveled and then dragged to smooth the playing surface in those areas. Second, trenches that settled too much for top-dressing (ex. #1 Fwy) will have to be sod cut, leveled and then re-sod to level the playing surface.

Practice 2: Changing Fairway Mowing Lines

With the 2010 Winn-Dixie Approaching our Advance Rules Official recently visited to help prepare the Facility. The major focus of the visit was our fairways; the average landing area for a PGA Event is 24 to 28 yards. There are white dashes of paint throughout the Dye’s Valley indicating the new fairway lines moving forward for the annual event.