Friday, June 25, 2010

Contamination Removal and Renovation

We have begun the process of removing contaminated grass from our 419 bermudagrass fairways. When the golf course was renovated in 2005-2006, the fairways were sodded with 419 bermudagrass. Over the past four years, encroachment from the surrounding common bermudagrass rough coupled with disturbances from renovation and aerifications has led to numerous patches of "off-type" bermudagrass in the fairways. Some of these patches are common bermudagrass (noted by the wider leaf blade and longer internode spacing), while the other patches seem to be some sort of mutation. Regardless of species, they are invasive to the 419. Our fairways are not as "pure" as they were following the renovation.

What is the removal and renovation process?

Have you noticed the brown spots in numbers one and two fairways? To remove the contaminated grass we begin with an application of Round-up and Fusilade. Both chemicals have systemic characteristics. Round-up is a non-selective systemic herbicide that will kill most anything, but because of the invasive characteristics of bermuda, Round-Up only has a 50% kill rate following an initial spray on bermudagrass. Fusilade is a selective systemic herbicide that is labeled to kill bermudagrass. Fusilade is commonly use to remove bermudagrass from zoysiagrass. By combining the two herbicides, studies show that the kill rate for bermudagrass will go from 50% with Round-Up only to 97% with the combined mix. These chemicals must be used to kill the entire plant including the roots. If we just stripped the contaminates and resodded, we run the risk of leaving rhizomatic material in the soil that could possibly sprout back and recontaminate the new turf.

Once the turf is dead, MacCurrach Construction will strip and re-sod the contaminated areas. The sod will be pre-cut at fwy height. This will significantly aid in any transition issues from sod to a playable surface. The sod should be back to a playable surface in a of couple weeks following installation.
The removal of these contaminates must take place to protect the integrity of the renovation.