Friday, May 28, 2010


We are wrapping up aerification this week on Dye’s Valley Golf Course. The Players Stadium aerification is set for June 7-10th. Both golf courses will have greens, tees, approaches and fairways aerified. All surfaces will be topdressed.

Aerification is the mechanical process of creating air space in the soil that promotes a healthy rooting system for turf. Healthy rooting systems are an integral part of a successful golf course management program.

The long term health of playing surfaces requires maintaining sand as the primary growing medium. When organic matter accumulates, the physical benefits of sand decline along with the health of the turf. Core aerification along with regular surface top-dressing are two of the most affective means of diluting organic matter.

There are many benefits to core Aerification:
-Improves Air/Gas exchange between soil and Atmosphere
-Reduces soil compaction
-Enhances long term heat and drought tolerance
-Enhances soil water uptake and use
-Improves turfgrass rooting
-Enhances thatch break down